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Office Moves

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Our company is specialized in office moves and has more than 35 years’ experience in office relocations, moving all its belongings.

  • Experts: Our team made up by highly qualified professionals performs an efficient and proved work.
  • Capability: Comprehensive technical and financial solvency which allows us to manage huge volume bids, offering full national coverage.
  • Reliable: More than 35 years of succeed business development prove our quality guarantee, well known through important clients, which is also officially endorsed by the most prestigious international quality certificates.

Within the Office Movements we moved

Files and paperwork


Computer equipment

Integral solutions in office moves

We take care of everything that the office moves require::

  • Furniture: Dismantling and assembling done by specialized crew. Suitable protection and packing. Load and transport.

  • Equipos informáticos: desmontaje de equipos informáticos, aparatos de telecomunicaciones y armarios Rack. Por supuesto, con materiales adecuados para el embalaje de todos los equipos. Y también, transporte de forma independiente.

  • Computer equipment: Dismantling computer equipment, telecommunication devices and racks. Suitable packing materials for each equipment. Individual transport.

  • Own storage facilities: Fully equipped, high-security warehouses fitted with fireproof system and temperature and humidity control. Storage in metal containers.

Additional services

Do you need anything else in office removals?
Just ask. :

  • Specialized experts that will connect and start any type of computer or telecommunication device.

  • Certified disposal of paperwork.

  • Disposal of useless furniture.

  • Storage facilities.

  • Storage and safe-keeping of files.

At Flippers We like to do things well; So we have a liability insurance that covers the Flippers technicians, our clients and their offices during the move. We also have tailor made insurance for each type of move, if the client so wishes.